Reddit Caught in Massive Subscriber Count Lie?

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  1. Jerry says:

    Hey buddy you forgot one thing. Share blue has a lot of boys they deploy every day. In fact $40,000,000 worth so the_donald mods delete a lot of accounts. Dont know if it’s that many but I wouldn’t be surprised.

    1. Tappr says:

      Potentially. Would they bother to subscribe, though? That’d help our cause rather than work against us. They want the T_D subscriber count to be as low as possible.

      1. maga_lyagushka says:

        They want to discourage real subscribers. They want to demoralize real people. That can be done in a lot of different ways. Subscriber count is one of the least impactful, in that a subscriber is not the same as an active participant. If they discourage you from showing up, the mood will be different.

        ShareBlue absolutely causes data anomalies. Posts have karma jumping all over the place, from first being downvoted, to then “fixed” when the bot downvoters are purged.

        All the same, good on you for actually doing that thing and collecting some data. Thanks. Love that you simply took two publicly available sources to call BS on the inconsistency. Don’t stop. Even if some of it can be (theoretically) explained, people need to collect the data all the same.

      2. Mur says:

        The uniques per day count is right around 200k-300k, pretty much exactly as would be expected for the reported subscriber count.

        Of course, that hasn’t stopped the submission leading to this page from claiming the sub might be at 1 million. #fakenews

        1. borkedybork says:

          Have you checked that vs other subs? Sub count vs uniques? Because I did.

          r/mma 250k subs, 65k uniques per day avg
          r/science 15m subs, 60-100k uniques per day avg
          r/politics 3.3m subs, 325k uniques per day avg

          Uniques per day for the_donald is FAR higher than it should be for the amount of subs, compared to other subs.

          the_donald 370k subs, 220k uniques. Ratio of uniques to subs is very different to other subs.

      3. Ikari says:

        Since (((Reddit))) has been shown multiple times to be working directly for the DNC, such as when they attempted to purge the Paul Combetta messages, it’s entirely possible that what you are seeing is ShareBlue/CTR/George Soros subscriptions… but they’ve asked themselves not to be counted as to not to inflate the sub count.

        T_D is massively, massively brigaded. They could be running in stealth mode.

  2. Levi Beers says:

    Do you guys get analytics stats of how many page views and things? I’d be interested to see a few month trend of page views. I know quite a few people that just access the sub directly.

    1. Mur says:

      Here you go:

      Traffic is around ~300k unique visitors per day, though it’s been as low as 100k back in December.

      1. maga_lyagushka says:

        neat. thanks for the link. feeling like an old fogie about nao

  3. very fake news says:

    Further, President Trump has MANY MILLIONS of subscribers on popular social media. Reddit is the 8th most trafficked website in the USA, so given that r/The_Donald is THE PRIMARY forum for Trump supporters to gather online it’s questionable at best that he would only have 1/3 of a mere ONE million there.

    I never thought about it until this was brought up but it may be reasonable to expect that r/The_Donald has AT LEAST 1 million subscribers, taking into account things like:
    – common knowledge that Reddit literally modifies it’s site in unprecedented ways and manipulates user-facing data to suppress and censor r/The_Donald and to promote anti-T_D and anti-Trump content
    – one of the top 3 most trafficked subreddits on the 8th most trafficked website in the USA

    1. Mur says:

      Traffic data doesn’t back that up, though.

      1. borkedybork says:

        Yes it does actually, as I showed on your earlier post. The traffic does indeed back up the idea that The_Donald’s sub count is much higher than displayed.

  4. Laughing at you everyday says:

    Look at you idiots. Just like Trump you’re convinced you’re the ‘biggest sub ever!’ and any information saying otherwise just has to be a conspiracy theory against you.
    Or, you know, the fact you guys use bots regularly (and proven btw) for up voting your shitty threads to the front page make you seem more popular than you actually are.
    And the fact you ban more people than any other sub everyday means people who subscribe to laugh at your shit everyday and end up calling you out on it and getting banned drags your subscriber number down.

    But no, of course it’s a vast conspiracy against you all because you’re so close to the truth and breaking open the very fabric of the political spectrum.

    1. Tappr says:

      Love you too boo

    2. xxivvii says:

      Well, we did win the election. We have the candidate that has done the most, concerning his campaign promises, ever. The fact that you don’t need to be subscribed to contribute or post there kind of makes half of your entire comment void.

      This is added that you, and your kind, can’t thoroughly differentiate between legal and illegal, facts and fake, racists and non-racists, etc. (should I go on?) You say we’re the conspiracy theorists; however, if any part of that is true… it’s because we don’t know what to believe in the fucking media anymore. What’s your excuse?

      The ‘… you guys use bots regularly (and proven btw)…’. Please, by all means, post the proof? Regardless, what does that have to do with the subject at hand?

      Typical Liberal asshat… letting your pelican beak override your hummingbird ass, and making the rest of us laugh at you. You do realize it’s people like you that helped get ‘Big Bad Terrible Trump’ in the White House? No? Still in denial? Okay… keep on keepin’ on, as we appreciate your support.

      – xxivvii

      1. Taylor says:

        I subscribed at one point to get a different perspective than the one that is prevalent everywhere else. My opinion of Trump is the same as every President before him…they’re all massively self serving. But, I’d never before seen the groupie effect that Trump has on people. So, I subscribed. About a week in I made a comment that was, apparently, not to one of your admin’s liking and was instantly banned/kicked from the sub.

        I wouldn’t be shocked if your admins were a big reason for such low numbers. Sure, Trump won the election, but it appears only fanbois on their knees in front of Trump are allowed to participate. And, the number of people who worship an asshat politician (and he is an asshat politician) are always going to be lower than the number of people who might kinda/sorta be okay with the guy because he was just a less shitty option than the other shitty option.

        Also, that’s where most of Americans were with this election. They held their nose and went with the option they saw as less shitty. So, that guy you guys are all jizzing yourself about? Most Americans just see him as a less shitty option.

        Yet, you guys are having a hard time believing that there aren’t more people actively participating in trying to get him off via reddit.

    3. maga_lyagushka says:

      cool story bro

      tell it again

    4. very fake news says:

      Typical lefty hysterical Trump hater. Ignore the evidence, push a tired conspiracy theory that Trump and his supporters “have wild ideas with no evidence.”

      Unclever. Uninteresting. You’re an idiot.

  5. Grammar Nazi says:

    Not to take away from the important message of the article, but I’d like to point out a typo in the following paragraph:

    Thankfully the subreddit is archived on Wayback Machine many, many times a day. This made is easy to find (what is, in my opinion) evidence for our subscriber count being interfered with.

    The “is” in the 2nd sentence should most certainly be an “it.”

    A thought provoking article nonetheless…Quite worrisome.

    P.S. Feel free to delete this comment after a correction is made 🙂

    1. Tappr says:

      Thanks. I hate re-reading my own stuff.

  6. The Pigman says:

    I have no trouble believing this. It would certainly explain why such small numbers manage to get stuff on the front page so often.

  7. Jim Strathmeyer says:

    Hmm it’s almost as if /r/the_donald users are doing something unscrupulous to increase their subscriber count, just like they do to fake the upvotes on all their posts. I would explain on reddit, but those politically correct losers banned me from their safe space.

  8. Seth Rich is a cuck says:

    Seth Rich is faggot who deserved what he got

  9. rnav1 says:

    Look at the number of views on the theme song compared to their other songs.

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