It’s Racist to Call Voter ID Laws Racist


Yes, it totally is racist to call Voter ID laws racist, by SJW standards.

In November, a video was posted on YouTube titled “Are Voter ID laws racist?”, in which Ami Horowitz questions white people on whether Voter ID laws are racist – and every answer shown in the video suggests that yes, they’re racist.

I think it is unfair to suggest that these young Liberals in the video are racist themselves, but to say they’re preaching a racist narrative would be fair.

“They’re usually pretty racist, they’re bad” said one person. “I think Voter ID laws are a way to perpetuate racism”, said another.

For sure [those laws are racist]. I feel like they [black people] don’t have the knowledge of how it works. Most of the communities don’t really know what’s out there because they’re not aware – or they’re not informed.

Woah – tell me how that isn’t racist. Why wouldn’t┬áblack people know how IDs or voting works?

says black people don’t know how IDs work

“Definitely [suppresses the African-American vote] because they are less likely to have state IDs.”

Minority voters are less likely to have the kind of IDs that have been described or required. You have to access to the internet, you have to be able to pay an internet service provider for certain fees.

Now we’re suggesting black people, and only black people, are unable to pay their bills.

suggests black people are unable to pay their bills

“These type of people don’t live in areas with easy access to DMVs or other places you can get identification.”

I also think there’s a repression of black voting, how if you’re a convicted felon you’re not allowed to vote and when you look at swing states like Florida, that’s a huge population of the African-Americans.

According to another Liberal, the main issue with voting is that all felons are black and a lot of Florida citizens are black, therefore a lot of black people cannot vote legally. Insanity!

suggests laws on felons being unable to vote only affect black people… because of course all black people are felons




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