Hollywood Elite to cast spell on Donald Trump TONIGHT!


A document explaining how to cast a spell that would bind Trump to all who abet him has been circulating the web in witchcraft groups. It seems now that the Hollywood elites are joining in with the witchcraft, and want their followers to take part too.

This is taking place tonight, in just a few hours!

The dates match, the time matches, and the ingredients are as follows:

  • Unflattering photo of Trump
  • Tower tarot card.
  • Tiny stub of an orange candle
  • Pin or small nail
  • White candle, representing the element of Fire
  • Small bowl of water, representing elemental Water
  • Small bowl of salt, representing elemental Earth
  • Feather, representing the element of Air
  • Matches or lighter
  • Ashtray or dish of sand

The ritual goes as follows:

(Light white candle)

Hear me, oh spirits
Of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air
Heavenly hosts
Demons of the infernal realms
And spirits of the ancestors

(Light inscribed orange candle stub)

I call upon you
To bind
Donald J. Trump
So that he may fail utterly
That he may do no harm
To any human soul
Nor any tree
or Sea

Bind him so that he shall not break our polity
Usurp our liberty
Or fill our minds with hate, confusion, fear, or despair
And bind, too,
All those who enable his wickedness
And those whose mouths speak his poisonous lies

I beseech thee, spirits, bind all of them
As with chains of iron
Bind their malicious tongues
Strike down their towers of vanity

(Invert Tower tarot card)

I beseech thee in my name
(Say your full name)
In the name of all who walk
Crawl, swim, or fly
Of all the trees, the forests,
Streams, deserts,
Rivers and seas
In the name of Justice
And Liberty
And Love
And Equality
And Peace

Bind them in chains
Bind their tongues
Bind their works
Bind their wickedness

After this, you are to set a picture of Trump alight, then eat some food.


It seems like Liberals are attempting to use witchcraft to defeat Trump, rather than politics. They genuinely think it’s going to work. Witchcraft probably has a higher chance of success.

No, they’re not crazy. Nope. Not at all. This is definitely not just redpilling against these deluded Liberals.


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