That was exactly the goal of Russian tampering


So yesterday, a Reddit thread on /r/hillaryclinton hit 1.5k upvotes, simply linking to a tweet from a man who says:

My initial reaction to seeing this post on my homepage of /r/all with only 1,500 upvotes was “but how? It certainly doesn’t belong there with only 1.5k upvotes” followed by a brief realization of… wait, I don’t think they even have 1,500 active members, and certainly don’t have enough energy to click the upvote button. I went to their statistics page, but clearly since they have something to hide, it’s private so that only moderators can see the information.

Right – so 1500 upvotes on a post from a subreddit which hasn’t gained subscribers in months and who hides both their stats and their “online now” counts. And it’s on /r/all, surrounded by posts with tens of thousands of upvotes. Only 20 comments. Alright.

I clicked the post to see the comments, and I took a quick look at the upvote ratio – 50%.


If my math is correct, that means that this post must have got, well, somewhere between 600,000 to infinite upvotes and an equal amount of downvotes, minus 1500. I don’t know the specifics of how the algorithm works on Reddit (also it’s clearly different for each subreddit nowadays) but this does not seem right.

I think that it would be worth looking into this. It doesn’t need plausible that this was on /r/all, had only 1500 upvotes, and a 50% upvote rate all at the same time.

At this point, I decided I wouldn’t even bother reading into the comments too much. I just sat and laughed at their denial. Funny how it’s totally unbelievable when it’s Hillary’s team doing it, but you know, of course Donald and his pal Putin hacked the voting machines. That’s not at all fucking insane.


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