Coverup of alleged PizzaGate?


Rumors stemming from Reddit clone, Voat, have been suggesting that John Podesta, who is heavily involved in the PizzaGate conspiracy, was spotted in R-Devin Nunes office on Capitol Hill on Monday.

It has been reported by eye witness that John Podesta was meeting with R-Devin Nunes in his office on capital hill. Then language in a bill is written that includes allowing the Government to shut down “fake news” because of Russian Propaganda. The bill was Quietly passed in the house and is now in the the senate, who if passed it will be signed into law by Obama. We need to urgently call the Houe Representatives Denin Nunes, Paul Ryan, Loie Gomert, anyone. And as important call the Senators Tom Cotton,Ted Cruz Rand Paul, Jeff Sessions, or any Senator just google them. We need to flood their offices today massive calls, communications, etc. I tried starting this trending on Twitter yesterday but not enough people know. This might be the final noose that closes around free speech.

As the quote explains, a bill was passed which allows the government to shut down “fake news”, determined at their own discretion.

Here you can see the bill:

Focusing in on this section:


Ensure that this information is shared with all big un-cucked news sources so that this can get known.




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