15 Trump Hate Crime HOAXES!


Whenever a new hate crime arises, it’s becoming the standard to deny it and call it a hoax. The MSM will run it without verification and call deniers “conspiracy theorists”, despite there never being any proof to assume the situation is related to a Trump supporter, or even that it ever happened.

Many, many hate crimes have been reported in the months following Trump’s election victory and subsequent inauguration, but how many of them were hoaxes? Almost all of them.

What did the MSM do once we found out it was a hoax, after being plastered over the news for days? Nothing. Just stop talking about it – never bring it up again.

15 Trump Hate Crime HOAXES!

15. Waitress worker claims to have received no tip from racist white male with a note saying he does not tip black people. This turned out to be fake – it was a re-printed receipt from after the restaurant closed.

14. Texas family had a car and motorcycle burned, and garage spray-painted with the words “n****r lover”. Who was behind this? The father of the family.

Any more room in the mental health facility? For 60 million Liberals.

13. Netflix writer and Trump hater says “Fuck white people”. Oh no, that sucks! This wasn’t a hoax.

12. University note saying “Bye Bye Latinos Hasta La Vista” turned out to be produced by a Latino student.


11. Hateful messages were spread around the university. Turns out an anti-Trump bisexual student was behind the chaos.


10. Students were accused of and investigated for screaming racist, homophobic slurs. They were cleared of charges as it turned out all they were yelling was “Make America Great Again” – gosh! So hateful.

9. Racist banner saying “You can hang a n*****r from a tree” turned out to be by a 75 year old black man.


8. Man flies Nazi flag across from Holocaust neighbor house, turns out he’s anti-Trump and that was a very, very stupid way of protesting.


7. Woman claims to have been called racial terms as well as threatened by Trump supporters… she lied about having contacted the police, and deleted all posts about the topic.


6. 18-year-old student filed false report about two young white males wearing Trump hats yelling racial terms at her. She also claimed they stole her wallet and her headscarf. The student was charged for reporting a fake assault.

5. 20-year-old faked harassment by two men proclaiming it’s “Trump country now”.

4. Black man arrested for the infamous “Vote Trump” black church. This takes a special kind of stupid.


3. Woman told police a man forced her to remove her hijab or he’d set her on fire – police detectives determined this was a false report. The woman may have faced charges.

2. A man said two assailants pushed him to the ground and robbed him. He said they also called him a derogatory slur. This was determined fake news.

1. Asian woman claims on Facebook to have been told to go back to Asia by a white male. She claimed the man grabbed her wrist and threatened to fight her, but he accused her of assaulting him when she “was going to win the fight”, by her own assumption. She said police handcuffed her, checked her criminal history and let her go with a warning. She deleted her Facebook posts as well as her entire account.

In total, there are at least 25 fake Trump hate crimes confirmed.


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